Classical Dash offer a complete restoration and repair service for all interior woods from minor repair to full veneers and re lacquering where we will strip back to bare wood, repair, re-glue and reassemble. We then veneer, lacquer and polish to a very fine finish.

We offer restoration and repair to a variety of classic car makes such as:


The MkII Jaguar is one of the most popular restorations undertaken by Classical Dash.    

We were given the task of restoring the interior wood trim in the MkII Jaguar used in the Inspector Morse series.
The Process
1. The first thing is the stripping off of the old lacquer and veneer.
2. The dash panels are dismantled as the glue which can be over 40 years old breaks down making the joints very weak. While dismantled - the ends are veneered. It is all then reassembled, the old face veneer removed and is re-veneered.

We supply classic dashboards for .......